Getting Here & Accessibility

Getting Here

  • The QUILTBAG is located at 7603 104 Street (east side of Calgary Trail). Look for an old wooden & brick building across from the 7-11 on the corner of 76 Ave & Calgary Trail.
  • The #52 bus stops near the building.
  • We're about a 5-15 minute walk from Whyte Ave, straight down Calgary Trail.
  • Parking: There is limited parking on the street along the east side of Calgary Trail (2-3 spots) and along 76 Ave south of the building (up to 4 spots). Additional street parking can be found in the Queen Alex neighbourhood along University Avenue, west of Calgary Trail. Please do NOT park behind the building or in the bus lane out front.

Accessibility Info

  • The shop is located up a set of 6 steps; unfortunately there is no elevator or ramp in the building.
    • For customers located in Edmonton who are unable to visit the shop because it is physically inaccessible, we offer free local delivery of any item to a mutually agreed accessible location. We can accept all our usual payment options (cash, credit, debit tap, etransfer) at the time of delivery. For items with multiple sizes, we can bring a variety to be tried on. The best way to see what we carry is to follow us on Instagram.  
  • There is a single stall all gender washroom in the building, shared with other tenants. Check out Refuge Restrooms to find gender neutral washrooms, or add ones you know about!
  • Accepted payment options include cash, debit (tap only, no swipe or chip), and credit card; if none of those options work for you, talk to us and we can do an etransfer!
  • We welcome visits from people of all ages! Some items in the store feature swear words and depictions of nudity, plus we have (free) safer sex supplies out, so come prepared to explain these things to any children you bring along :)
  • Visitors are welcome whether making a purchase or not. There are some items available for free in the shop, and we have a trade system for select buttons and zines (leave a button/zine, take a button/zine)
  • Dogs are welcome in the store as long as they do not bark, since our neighbour is a massage therapist.
  • There are chairs available to sit on.
  • Lighting is natural light plus white, off-white, and yellow LED bulbs.
  • We ask that people NOT wear fragrances or scents when visiting the store. The store itself may be lightly scented from smudging and/or a cedar spray made with essential oils.
If you have any other questions, ideas, or comments about accessibility or anything else store related, please feel free to email us at