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Pronoun Pins (Enamel)
Pronoun Pins (Enamel)

Pronoun Pins (Enamel)

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Share your pronouns with these enamel pins! Wearing a pronoun lapel pin helps other people know how you like to be referred to... since you can't tell someone's gender just by looking at them :)

Available options include:

  • she/her
  • he/him
  • they/them
  • they & she
  • they & he
  • all pronouns
  • no pronouns

Hard enamel pins in black and gold, 1" diameter, clutch back. 15% of the sales from each pin are directed towards an Indigenous land trust initiative such that LGBTQ+ and Two-Spirit Indigenous people can build and have access to communal living spaces, a cook shack, and spaces for ceremony. The return of land to Indigenous people is an integral part of pursuing liberation from cis supremacy and hetero supremacy for all.